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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fees

If you ascertain that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is your best route to a more secure financial future, there are some things you need to know. When you file your initial bankruptcy petition, you will also need to file a schedule of assets and liabilities, your current income and expenditures, all of your debts that will be included in the bankruptcy, executory contracts and unexpired leases and a schedule of exempt assets. Under the revised bankruptcy code, you will also need to pass the “means test”, which is used by the bankruptcy trustee to determine and avoid any possible abuse of the bankruptcy laws. You will need to file a petition with the bankruptcy court in your home jurisdiction or where your business is located or where you have most of your assets. After the filing is complete, your creditors cannot begin or continue lawsuits, garnish your wages or have any contact with you demanding payment. You will need to make a $299 payment by cash or money order, unless you applied for and were granted a waiver of these fees. The filing fee must be paid in full when filing your initial petition; however, some bankruptcy courts allow the filing fee to be paid in installments. Once your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case has been filed and within 45 days of the creditors meeting, you will need to complete the post-filing Personal Financial Management Instruction Course. This is a different course that the credit counseling course you took when you initially submitted your bankruptcy paperwork. This course costs about $30. You will then need to submit a certificate of completion to the court. If you do not do this, your bankruptcy case may be dismissed, something you definitely do not want to happen! Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be complicated. You need a bankruptcy lawyer with extensive experience and a national reputation for excellence in the representation of debtors in financial distress. Call Client First Bankruptcy toll-free at 800-383-6004. Call us now.